Two Guys in a Cucina

Don’t judge a cook by its cover!


(Okay so the pun was definitely intended here)

WHAT!!!! That’s right we’ve taken it up to the next level.

After about 5 minutes of contemplation I one day decided that we needed chef hats… and as you guys will find out I’m a sucker for a deal and saw some chef uniforms on special and decided that John and I deserved uniforms for Christmas.

So after much anticipation while waiting for them to arrive… well they did!

You can see from the photos that John and I were meant to have them. We tried to represent our respective backgrounds and the only part missing is the Spanish because for some reason they did not have a Spain flag for me to get patched on… I may eventually add one myself.

We also get a glimpse of our currently unnamed mascot who begins to show up more frequently in our photos.