Two Guys in a Cucina

Mushrooms, scallops & chicken… Oh my!


♪♫♪ Follow the smell of the food… follow the smell of the food… we’re off to Pedro’s Birthday, to cook some tasty treats!! ♪♫♪

So if you haven’t guessed by now, this cookoff happened around Pedro’s Birthday. Instead of going out for a nice expensive meal…. we decided to make one! (not really that expensive by the way… and we fed quite a few people)

January, dead of winter, what sane person wouldn’t start off with a nice soup!! And boy was it nice. Pedro was on a bit of a crock potting binge at the time so he insisted we do at least one recipe with the crockpot. The result…. Triple Mushroom Soup!

This tasty soup basically had the mushrooms sautéed in onions and bacon then slow cooked in a broth for a few hours and finally added a bit of cream and garnished with chives. Definitely a big hit and it’s a recipe that will make its way to the table again.

While the soup was in the works we also made a very tasty appetizer, Garlic Butter Scallops on a Roasted Red Pepper with Pesto. Two of our guests who will remain nameless, *coughjamesandandrewcough*, really went to town on those suckers. The whole thing was really easy to make and if you are a scallop fan, well this gets our seal of approval. (note, no seals were used in getting our approval)

On to the main course! A Roasted Chicken with a Honey-Dijon butter pomade! This flavoursome fowl didn’t last very long once served and was very tender…. basically the total opposite of any dry chicken you’ve ever eaten.

FINALLY, CAKE…. enough said…. well chocolate… now that’s enough said.

The evening of course would not be complete without some form of entertainment and alcohol… so beer and punch… don’t quite remember what was in the punch… but that’s usually a good sign! Also we cracked open a new card game called FLUX which can basically be summed up in two words…. Rocket Brain!! (Anyone in attendance will understand… everyone else, well enjoy the pictures!)

Just as a little side note, this was the first day we cooked with our new uniforms which made it that much more special to TGIAC…. it was the beginning of… well all this.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our cook-off! The recipes for all the goodies we made will be coming very soon so keep checking in for new postings.. and please… Comment! It makes this all the more fun!